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Post by Shown3d » 1 month ago

Anyone have any experience with whirlfloc? I brewed a honey brown last week and I took a sample to check the gravity and it was really cloudy. I was told the whirlfloc was a substitute for Irish moss and does the same and helps clear the beer. I’m not sure if I did something wrong I was just expecting the beer to be clear not have stuff floating throughout it.


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Re: Whirlfloc

Post by Reignman » 1 month ago

I use the whirlfloc tabs the last 15 min of the boil. I give it a good stir at flameout and all the trub, protein and junk stays in the kettle. My beer is always cloudy during fermentation. Gelatin after fermentation and you will have clear beer.

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Re: Whirlfloc

Post by brhenrio » 1 month ago

Gelatin or time will clear a beer.
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Re: Whirlfloc

Post by Warthaug » 1 month ago

Whirflock is essentially finely ground and slightly chemically modified irish moss - one is, in effect, the same as the other. Because it is smaller, whirflock tends to create smaller aggregates the irish moss, which in turn means that it takes slightly longer for whirflock to clear the beer. You should be fine, just give it time.
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