A beginner's Guide to 'The Perfect Pour' Keg Serving Tips

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Re: A beginner's Guide to 'The Perfect Pour' Keg Serving Tip

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TRG wrote:
birvine wrote:I had built my kegerator and coffin box with standard faucets and everything worked fine. Then I upgraded to Perlick faucets and I got glasses of foam and a wee bit of flat beer. That is when I had to figure out the balance of the system. I increased the length of the lines to 3 m each and it's been beautiful pouring ever since.

Moral: Changes to your system may upset the balance so be prepared to make some changes. But it is definitely do-able.

I had the same thing happen. Standard faucets = short beer lines. Perlick's = much longer needed. Perlick's must have less resistance. Very good info here!


I found exactly the same as you guys. I started out with Perlick taps, but followed the usual guideline formula for beer line length and got mostly foam.

I started experimenting and Ithink I presently have about 10-11' of 3/16" line, and I now get a pour that I am happy with.

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Re: A beginner's Guide to 'The Perfect Pour' Keg Serving Tip

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I didn't realize there was so much math needed to serve from a keg. Looks like I'll have to take all this into account when I get around to building the keg stand I've been thinking about.
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