Full size mash tun?

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Full size mash tun?

Post by Ryan_m »

First post here. I'm about to start getting my gear together and have been reading lots... not absorbing 100% of it though.

I've read some of the pros and cons of batch vs. fly sparging but I'm curious why it's a bad idea to do it all at once. At least I'm assuming it's a bad idea as no one is doing it. So as I understand it now, I mash ~3.5 gal and then fly sparge another 3 gal to get all the sugars I can to make up the 6ish gallons I need before I start boiling. Though I've read I should aim for OG instead of volume. Anyway why not put the full ~6.5 gal in plus what ever the grain would absorb and slowly recirculate through the manifold/false bottom and then just drain it dry at the end? Wouldn't that keep the wort homogeneous and keep all sugars in solution, and increase efficiency at the same time? Pretty good chance I'm missing something obvious.

Just curious.

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Re: Full size mash tun?

Post by Reignman »

I batch sparge instead of fly sparging. I find it way easier. If you add all of your grains in the total amount of water all at once, your grain/water ratio will be high. I know biab ( brew in a bag ) brewers add all of their water at once though. I aim for 1.5 qts of water to 1 lb. of grain. Here is a link to batch sparging.

https://byo.com/mead/item/448-cheap-and ... h-sparging

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Re: Full size mash tun?

Post by brhenrio »

Maintaining the proper grist to water ratio is one driver of efficiency as I understand it. Too dense and conversions won't occur, too watery and they won't as well. Compare it to changing your oil you can have no room to do your job, or too much space that it takes you forever to get your tools to get the job done.
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Re: Full size mash tun?

Post by Warthaug »

People do add all the water at once - its called "no sparge brewing" (google for more info), and many brewers do it - at least for lower-gravity (sub 1.070) beers. Most people report a slight drop in efficiency, but the time saved usually makes up for the $0.50 or so in malt you need to add.
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