Brewing hard soda

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Brewing hard soda

Post by Th3smok3y »

I have been looking and can not find a recipe for making a hard soda with the extracts that is straight forward and consistent. Have any of you tried to make hard soda with the extracts?

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Re: Brewing hard soda

Post by brhenrio »

I have never tried to make a hard soda. I think it might be a case of over sweetening and then cold crashing when alcohol and taste are right. But i have never done it.
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Re: Brewing hard soda

Post by Mr_Tastyfish »

I'm pretty sure that most makers of commercially available hard sodas use extracts for flavouring, and neutral spirits (vodka) for alcohol content... the rest is just carbonated water and perhaps a few additives for mouthfeel and shelf stability. As far as brewing one, I've got no experience to offer.

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Re: Brewing hard soda

Post by Reignman »

I thought just mix it all up in a keg and carb it up. Got to be cheaper than those 4 cans of pop my wife buys from the liquor store.

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Re: Brewing hard soda

Post by XXXXX »

Yup I also vote mix it all together and keg carbonate.

That'd be a lot of hard root beer/cream soda to get through though.
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