Technique with a chest freezer chiller

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Technique with a chest freezer chiller

Post by Na_diako »

Hi Everybody. First-time poster. Great forum.

I'm Interested if anybody uses this technique? i.e fill a lined (with SS) chest freezer with a glycol solution to cool fermenter jackets.

Also, can anyone tell me if there is a simple formula for calculating the cold water volume required for chilling wort e.g. 1 liter at 5C needed to chill 1 liter of boiling wort, or 1.5 liters at 10C to chill boiling wort?

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Re: Technique with a chest freezer chiller

Post by brhenrio »

Welcome. I could teach you the thermodynamic calculation, it is pretty easy, but a fair bit more complicated than what I think you are after.

Starts by using this formula,: Q=mc∆T

But then going to: heat gained=heat lost or
Heat gained + heat lost =0

So m(wort)×[specific heat wort or water]×(start temp wort-desired temp wort)+m(glycol)×[specific heat glycol]× (start temp glycol-desired wort temp)=0

You know your mass of wort, and all other temps, so you just need to solve for mass of glycol.

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