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Commercial refrigerators for storage!!

Posted: |31 Jul 2020|, 08:33
by SClar
Hey folks,
I have a beer parlor in my home; I'm looking for refrigerator units that can easily keep about four corny barrels of beer. Instead of buying a usual refrigerator, I am thinking of buying a commercial one. Well, I got to know many folks have already started stocking their homebrews in commercial refrigerators. I'm hoping to find some help in that regard here. After extensive research online and myriad reviews, I have found a used commercial refrigerator that I intend to buy. But I have the following concerns:
What should I be mindful of when I am buying a used commercial unit? Is the price of a commercial refrigerator worth it for a home environment? Are the noise levels of these commercial units too loud for home surroundings? What should be the average volume of the unit that I should buy? Most importantly, will a commercial refrigerator fetch me a significant amount on my energy bill?
Finally, have you folks found any professional consultation before installing a commercial unit, assuming they would help us out in a residential context? I might be asking way too much, but expect to find some of the answers.
Thanks in advance!