Homebrewing soda?

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Re: Homebrewing soda?

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i checked out mr root beer and they say it will have aprox 1% abv in 1 litre bottle

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Re: Homebrewing soda?

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virtualpaul wrote:
SunyJim wrote:I've done pop a few time.
I found the best is a Lager yeast, the ale yeast was too bready, and the champagne yeast was too wine like. The lager yeast was the least noticeable.
The best sugar for roorbeer was a 1 cup 50/50 mix of brown sugar and turbanado cane sugar in a 2 liter bottle
typically I give it 3-5 days for carbonation, then into the fridge to chill.
I've bought the "old fashion homebrew extracts" in Rootbeer, Birchbeer, and Sasparilla. As well as Royal Rootbeer, all have been really good.

Oh and be careful sasparilla root is a carcinogen that's why it's so hard to find these days.

Thanks for the info. Did you mean sassafras root?
He must have meant Sassafras root, because Sarsaparilla is not a carcinogen. Matter of fact, "real" modern root beers use Sarsparilla still to this day. So much of it is artificial, with the exception of good named brands, known for decent root beer like A&W, Hires, etc. I just had some actually that had old fashioned ingredients in it. It was a great brand of "hard" root beer call Crazy Uncle from the LCBO here in Ontario. They make the best cream soda you have ever tasted too. So creamy it leaves a creamy aftertaste, that is divine. It's becoming quite popular. Their hard root beer is on a level with Hires hard root beer or Dusty Boots (Those are the 3 best Crazy Uncle, Hires and Dusty Boots hard root beer) but their hard cream soda, is to die for, seriously. All natural ingredients in all their sodas. The cream soda uses real Vanilla bean and caramelized cane sugar. It's made here in Ontario, so I don't know if it is Canada wide, but if you get the chance, try it. Try all the ones I just mentioned, for that matter. My wife and I have been on a hard soda kick lately and I have tried them all. Those are the 3 winners, for sure. Forget Mike's Hard root beer, it not that great and the Captain Morgan one is awful (made with rum rather than vodka like the others I mentioned and it's just not right. Rum and cola is great, but rum and root beer is a bad mix). Funny thing about Sassafras, is it is not really a carcinogen either. It was only ever proven in rats and it can "potentially" be a carcinogen. Never proven in humans. The oils are volatile though in large doses, so if abused, it "could" cause Cancer and is poisonous, yes. In the small amounts used in root beer though, no. It's so stupid, really. They probably overdosed the rats on it too, knowing how some stupid studies do things. It's an old study too, from the 1960's. Then it was banned in root beer in the 1970's. I have been researching how to make (and get) Sassafras root and make root beer from it. Making it is rather straight forward, like any root beer or beer, but getting it, is another matter entirely. In my travels online, I saw someone mention that you would literally have to drink 50 gallons of the stuff in a short period to actually get cancer from it, cause it does not contain a whole lot of Sassafras. Me thinks he is correct. Most of that crap is so overblown. The real reason I think it is hard to get, is safrole is the main ingredient in MDMA (Ecstasy). Every place that sells the oils or the plant material has to be licenced and document who they sell it to and how much. Lol. There is a place online in Ontario that does sell it though I found. Costs about $40 a pound or $20 for a 1/4 pound and there is no online ordering available, you have to call in. It says the bark, so whether it means root bark or plant bark is debatable, but it should not matter because the whole plant contains safrole, although the roots are more potent. Apparently, it's the root bark you want for the most concentrated amount of it or the roots, the story differs from source to source, but I will take whatever I can get. I would be happy to just get it, period! Stuff is hard to find, on purpose. B.C. is the Ecstasy capitol of the world, so Sassafras is tightly regulated. I want to taste "real" old fashioned root beer, with sassafras, sarsaparilla, wintergreen and licorice or anise. If I cannot obtain it legitimately, I might just have to take a hike this summer and see if I can find some in the bush, perhaps. Lol. It is pretty easy to recognize and is native to North America including Canada. The spring is the best time to get it, apparently, from younger plants. I really want to try sassafras root beer, cause I hear it was way different than this stuff today. The pre 1960's stuff. The cheaper I can do it, the better. Lol.

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Re: Homebrewing soda?

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Ive found the crazy uncle stuff in alberta. Agree it is really good. I liked the root beer more than the cream soda though.
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Re: Homebrewing soda?

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SWMBO and I tried the Crazy Uncle root beet last summer after seeing it at the LCBO. It was great, and quickly sold out at our local store. When it eventually came back in stock, I bought an entire case.

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