Back in the Saddle

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Back in the Saddle

Post by Windsorbrew »

After a long 6 month hiatus i'm finally back in the saddle, over the long weekend I've knocked off 3 brews!

-Vanilla Porter

Work had bogged me down then leading into summer where fermentation space is limited due ambient temps, it's been a hot summer here in Windsor...I really need to build a fermentation chamber, my wife on the other hand.. lol

"You can't win em all, but you can drink em all"

On Tap
1) La Raison de "Saison"
2) Black Lagers Matter (black lager)
3) Uncle Dunkel

Kegged and Charging
1) Marzen
2) Starsan...
3) Starsan...

In Primary
1) Cider
2) Cider
3) Cider

In Secondary
1) It's Porter to 11 Vanilla Porter
2) Starsan
3) Starsan

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Re: Back in the Saddle

Post by bellybuster »

"Work had bogged me down"

I know that!! I haven't brewed since winter

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Re: Back in the Saddle

Post by Reignman »

Good for you. I ran out of homebrew a month ago and just hate buying it.

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Re: Back in the Saddle

Post by Warthaug »

I just moved and ahd a much shorter hiatus...but a hiatus it was (and I'm still playing catch-up). Sucks buying beer, but getting that first batch into the fermenter felt pretty good!
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