Harvesting hops soon - Thoughts on 100% chinook ale

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Harvesting hops soon - Thoughts on 100% chinook ale

Post by twistandstout »

This year's hop harvest is quite bountiful. I'm just going to be harvesting all of my hallertau, drying, and storing it as I can't really make a whole bunch of wet-hopped brews at the moment. I was going to make a wet-hopped hefe and either a vienna lager or dunkel, but dry hops will be fine for that.

Instead, I want to think outside the proverbial box, take a chance, and experiment this year. My chinook cones are beautiful so I really want to try my hand at a rustic, autumn-inspired, all chinook pale ale. Has anyone had any experience brewing a pale ale that was hopped 100% with chinook? I read mixed reviews about it. I'd like to brew with a good amount of rye, give the beer a fiery red hue, nice spicy/peppery aroma. I was initially going to make it into a saison, and that still is not off the table. I think the saison yeast, rye, and chinook could blend together quite well. A nice rustic saison for the briskly October :stirpot:

I also have some cashmere growing and could also use those in there too. I was planning on adding a massive charge of chinook during the whirlpool stage and then dry hopping it with either wet chinook or dried chinook, since dry hopping will be 2 weeks post harvest and they won't keep that long.

Thoughts? Thanks in advance!

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Re: Harvesting hops soon - Thoughts on 100% chinook ale

Post by Reignman »

I brew all Chinook all the time. No problems with that. I do use crystal malt along with 2 row for balance. I don't over do it though, 35 - 40 ibu at 60 and 2-3 ozs. at 0 min.

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