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Centennial and Cascade

Posted: |05 Sep 2018|, 23:47
by DukeOfChudd
So I have started homebrewing last year and love it. I also planted two hops vines of cascade and centennial last season. This season I gathered about 12 oz dried centennial and 10 oz cascade. I've never brewed home grown hops just the pellets you get in brew kits. Now that I'll get an increasing Amount of free hops I need some help with this.
I only have a simple 5 gallon brew kit and don't plan on expanding my operation. Can anyone give me some good recipes I can make and the supplies needed(need to be able get it from canadian websites too). Saw some SMaSH as an idea(can anyone expand on the ingredients north of 49th).. also single hop double ipa sounds cool too but all I have found are American ingredients.

As I have a basic kit with just the essentials I also dont have the knowledge of the varying numbers of what you need to attain with your brew.
Now that I am in this forum I will be learning alot from many of you.

Soooo.. just a bit of help with some recipe/ingredients please. And any good reputable brew supply online shops in Canada would be nice too.

You guys rock

Re: Centennial and Cascade

Posted: |06 Sep 2018|, 17:57
by brhenrio
Easy peazy, if its extract go 100% light dme, steep about a lb of crystal 60 at 150 f, add half the cascade at 10 minutes remaining in boil, rest at flameout along with a nice chunk of the centenial, and save 3-4 oz of hops for dry hopping, added just after high krausen.

Reputable brew shops: beer grains, ontariobeerkegs, hopdawgs i have ordered from and have had no problems with.

Re: Centennial and Cascade

Posted: |06 Sep 2018|, 23:12
by DukeOfChudd
If you dont mind me asking how much hops to make an extract. I saw one where they used some of the wort and put in a French press with hops but never specify amount. 1 oz? 0.5? Whatever I feel like trying?

Re: Centennial and Cascade

Posted: |07 Sep 2018|, 03:47
by brhenrio
Oh i meant an extract type recipe, as opposed to a all grain. I have never made a hop extract before.