Wet hop harvest ale - thoughts?

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Wet hop harvest ale - thoughts?

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I'm about to harvest this year's crop - chinook, cashmere, and centennial. The hallertau didn't fare too well, so I won't use them. I really need to brew this week as I have a pretty severe Japanese beetle problem and some of the hops are really suffering.

Here were my ideas:

Black IPA
American saison, or dark saison
Typical pale ale/IPA malt bill

I would add a pellet bittering charge, not use my fresh hops. I want to reserve the fresh hops chiefly for end of boil additions (perhaps just a big burst at flame out) and dry hop.

I can't make up my mind as to what to brew. In people's opinions, what kind of beer style would go well with this hop pairing? I'm obviously thinking pale ale or IPA. I brew my 'house' black IPA for every Halloween, so I wanted to try it with these hops, but I'm not sure it would turn out that great with just this combo. I also wouldn't want any roast to 'hide' the delicate hop aromas. A simple pale ale malt bill of something like 95% 2-row and 5% light crystal would allow the hops to shine, in my opinion.

Any thoughts? :drunk:

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