My 16 Year Old Valley Mill

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My 16 Year Old Valley Mill

Post by Reignman » 2 months ago

Bought this in 2003 from a guy in Ottawa who made them. It has been a great 2 roll mill until the last few brews. I am wondering if it is getting worn, or is sit just the 2 row Canada Malt I am using. Maybe the grain is smaller. My efficiency is down to 63% from 81%. I turned up the notch in my last brew and got 79%. Do the rollers in mills get worn enough so that you have to adjust them? Or is Canada Malt 2 row really getting smaller? I rarely payed attention to my crush until now.

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Re: My 16 Year Old Valley Mill

Post by brhenrio » 2 months ago

Quite normal for them to wear out, although itcould have just bern the fasteners backing off after all the usage. I usually check mine with a feeler gauge if I remember.
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