Looking for Rhizomes!

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Looking for Rhizomes!

Post by XXXXX »

Hey All,

I realize springtime would have been a better time to start, but I finally have a proper back yard and I'd like to start growing hops. I'm looking for cascade and saaz rhizomes to start :)

Anyone in Niagara/GTA? I can pick up!

Mmmm... Beer... *drool*

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Re: Looking for Rhizomes!

Post by ruf1 »

Hi Adam
I sell rhizomes in the spring but your out of luck right now just about everywhere i would think.

Someone may be able to cut some viable shoots from the stray ones that always come up.

Good luck.

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Re: Looking for Rhizomes!

Post by Doc_Drive »

You can always go to someone that has a mature plant, take a 2-3 inch cutting with two leaves (cut right about the leaf pair and leave the longer part of the stem below the leafs).

put in a little bit of water (change every second day or so) and in a week to 10 days you have a new plant... I sometimes use some rooting hormone. But it works 90% of the time...

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