fast fermentation question

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fast fermentation question

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Hey folks. this is my first post of what im sure will be many on here.

I just recently got into home brewing and even more recently i brewed my first batch.

I used a 5 gallon recipe for Hefeweizen.....the brew day went far better than i imagined except for the fact that my boil was too rapid and i lost more wort during the boil than i had anticipated.

I ended up with just over 4 gallons of wort but i pitched my full package of liquid wyeast.

I think i may have pitched at too high a temp ( actually i know i did) but i wasnt too far off so i thought it would be ok.

Initially the fermentation was very much that i had to remove the air lock and fashion a blow off was very active for about 48 hours and then pretty much died off.

The recipe called for a 2 week fermentation.

My question is: do i still leave it the full 2 weeks even though fermentation seems to have ended?


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Re: fast fermentation question

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Yes I would leve it for the full two weeks.The initial fermentation is typically fast and then it dies down.
You can check your specific gravity a few days in a row to see if it has changed. No change and it is done. I usually leave mine for three weeks.
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Re: fast fermentation question

Post by brhenrio »

Depending on the yeast you still might have a good hefe pitching too high, but it will probably have a lot of banana. I am a pro leave it for 2+ weeks on the yeast cake guy, as the yeast tends to clean up a lot of the by products of a vigorous fermentation. But thats my opinion.
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