Munton's American Style Light

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Re: Munton's American Style Light

Post by Jack »

I have nothing against commercial beer, i still buy a few cold cans here and there, but it's mostly to try ones i've never had like Pilsner Urquell and Creemore. I've never liked lite beers period. To me, it's like a watered down regular beer. If they came out with one that had as much taste as regular, i'd try it.
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Re: Munton's American Style Light

Post by Sixstring78 »

Those are both very fine beer. I am happy that Molson hasn't changed Creemore's recipee since they took them over.

In regards to light beer, I heard a joke that is too funny because it's true. "Your North American beer is alot like having sex in a canoe.", "Really, how's that?", "It's fu$%#@* close to water."
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Re: Munton's American Style Light

Post by donaldrstewart »

After a long hiatus, I recently decided to try my hand at brewing again. My lhbs recommened trying the American Style Light. Five days in the primary and ten in the secondary. It was then kegged and then forced carbonated. As it was said in another thread, there were so many variables to work with -new beer brand, using enhancer for the first time, kegging for the first time, etc.
The first samples were somewhat yeasty tasting but it seems to have improved. I still have to fine tune the carbonation. All in all, I am pleased with the first effort. Now I just have to drink all that beer. I wonder if it will get to age?? Hmm

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